E14 9SL - TBC

MEP Commissioning Manager

M&E commissioning manager on a large scale residential development. To be responsible for the management of the commissioning of all M&E systems ensuring commissioning is undertaken and completed in line with the Construction Programme and systems are operating in accordance with the design and regulations. To identify where construction/installation works are preventing the commissioning of systems and assist the M&E team in addressing these.

Job Description

Essential Experience

· To have M&E commissioning experience as an engineer/supervisor/manager.

· Preferably mechanically biased with knowledge of LTHW and ChW systems utilising HIUs and FCUs.

· Preferably to have experience working on residential schemes with knowledge of applicable regulations and standards.

To be responsible for:

· Reviewing the design/installation for system commission-ability.

· Ensuring installations are complete in every respect in accordance with the design and to all relevant regulations and standards to enable commissioning.

· Managing and reporting on the commissioning.

. To track the progress of commissioning in relation to programme/agreed dates.

. To review and comment on Trade Contractor’s trackers, programme, certificates and other applicable documentation.

· Witnessing commissioning and managing consultant and statutory authority witnessing.

· Be responsible for managing the O&M issuing process including the reviewing of.

Extent of scope not solely restricted to commissioning
but to include all aspects of Construction, Building Services and M&E
installation that impact the commissioning. To coordinate with MEP Team and all
RCSL project managers/managers/supervisors. A duty care and awareness to be
taken for all other systems and trades and any issues/concerns or queries
regarding the installations and methods to be raised with the relevant manager.

Key systems include but not restricted to:

· LTHW; Boilers/CHPs & HIUs

· ChW; Chillers & FCUs


· Drainage

· Corridor Smoke Ventilation


· Access Control/Security

· Fire Alarm

· BMS To liaise and coordinate with other members of the Construction Management team in relation


Design – MEP Manager & Supervisors and Technical Design Team

Drawings – Review, comment, coordinate with MEP Team and Fit
out/Structures/Civils as applicable.

Installation – MEP managers & supervisors, sub-contractor and relevant managers.

Shell & Core – Coordinate with relevant Manager/s.

Fit Out – To coordinate with relevant Block Manager/s.

Site Instructions – Prepare with Commercial and gain approval with RCSL team prior
to raising a site instruction.

RFIs – Prepare and issue as required.

Quality Assurance

Snag Lists – Produce, review, monitor and manage closure of all snags impacting on commissioning utilising the Conject system.

Witnessing – To witness the testing and commissioning of all systems managing 3rd party witnessing and the recording/reporting of results.

BIW Submittals – Audit weekly ensuring test certification uploads are up to date and O&M
information is issued in a timely fashion in line with agreed dates.

Consultants/NHBC/Building Control/ Secure by Design – Arrange inspections/witnessing.

Health & Safety

RAMS – Review and approve commissioning RAMs.

Site safety reviews - Weekly

Disciplinary Notices - Implement

BIW submittals – Audit weekly


Site Instructions – Prepare as required and gain approval with RCSL team prior to raising a site instruction.


Sequencing – Determine overall sequencing of commissioning program

4 Week Look ahead – Sequence and manage commissioning works, sign offs & witnessing.

Progress Trackers & Programme Drop Lines – Update weekly progress


Labour – Weekly counts, report adequateness


Access/Signage/ Equipment to facilitate commissioning works.


Chair and minute weekly MEP Commissioning meeting

Attend weekly Contractor Scoring and Health & Safety

Attend other meetings as required


Report on commissioning progress daily internally and formally to the extend team on a bi-weekly/weekly basis as required.

Key Responsibilities

Personal Information

Job Requirements