• The future of the town centre

    Left to right: Chris Garthwaite, Roger Black, Peter Elliot, Jamie Robinson, Rumi Bose and Barry Jessup

The future of the town centre

Ballymore joined forces with international real estate journal Bisnow, hosting a debate on the future of the UK’s town centres and high streets.

A panel of renowned industry leaders joined guests from across the commercial real estate sector – including investors, owners, developers, consultants, and advisers. Together they looked at the future of urbanisation and the new asset classes fuelling economic growth. 

The event was structured around two panel debates. The first looked at the role of partnerships in regeneration, and how they can provide competitive returns to investors and the impact of the regeneration bill on urbanisation strategies; the second focused on the purpose and evolution of town centres. 

Ballymore’s Roger Black spoke on day; the company’s creative director, Roger has helped deliver sustainable new town centres at Ballymore neighbourhoods including Royal Wharf, The Brentford Project, as well as a future town centre scheme for Edgware. Reflecting on the event he said: “The macro economic challenges of recent years have adversely impacted the British high street, but this event allowed us to look beyond that viewpoint.

“These debates were filled with enthusiasm, ideas and expertise as we assessed what communities need – be that well-thought-out design, to repositioning assets and turning empty shops into usable spaces.

“We also focused on the role of private and public sector partnerships and the importance of collaboration in making the future high street a reality. This is a reality for Ballymore across many sites – including our partnership with Transport for London and Barnet Council at Edgware. 

“I enjoyed reflecting on our own work and that of peers across the sector; my thanks to everyone who contributed to a truly engaging day.” 

Peter Elliot, Head of Property Development at Ballymore partner TfL also spoke alongside Roger and added: “The purpose of town centres hasn't changed, but the physical representation has. Different formats of the traditional high street exist, but there has always been a profound interaction between the town centre and transport, and within that lies excellent opportunities. 

“A thriving high street has a constant blur between commercial, cultural or retail; a diverse mix is needed.”


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