• “We are the front line and the face of the company”

    Naomi Bayley, Reception Manager


“We are the front line and the face of the company”

Award-winning finalist in the race to find London’s Best Receptionist 2017, Naomi Bayley says the secret of her success is to be on the spot and always have a smile

“We are the front line and the face of the company” says Naomi Bayley, who works as reception manager at Ballymore Group’s London headquarters.

Naomi, who has only been with Ballymore for a year, won the award after directors from sponsors, Tate Recruitment, gave her top marks during one of their “mystery shop” visits to each of 300 receptionists who had been peer-nominated for the London-wide competition.

“I know that someone had nominated me from accounts. But I had no idea they actually came to see you in action.”

So, what’s the winning formula to being a great receptionist?

“You’ve got to be very personable, very smiley, try to remember everyone’s names, make sure you give the personal touch and always be prepared to help as much as you can,” said a delighted Naomi, clutching her trophy at a special presentation lunch at The Balcon, the grade 11 listed brasserie in Pall Mall.

Her duties include setting up meetings, diary management, “meeting and greeting guests and clients”, as well as fielding endless calls.

“We are usually extremely busy at Ballymore with as many as 100 people in for meetings every day. It’s a continuous revolving door of guests.,” explained Naomi. On top of her job as reception manager, she “boosts morale” of her team organising picnics, mini desk massages for colleagues and Valentines Day treats.

But it’s not all plain sailing. “You can get some really distressing calls - you really need to be on the spot. But you just have to keep calm.” She loves working at Ballymore because of “the family feel”.

For the competition sponsors, Tate Recruitment’s Chelsea Keller, manager of their Moorgate and Canary Wharf offices, says of Naomi “she is lovely, a worthy winner.”

“Receptionists are nominated by their peers, then my directors go on ‘a mystery shop’ where they go into each and every reception area of those nominated – which this year was nearly 300.

“They look at things like the quality of the concierge service, how well the area is kept, how receptionists manage priorities. They saw them all over many months.”

And Naomi’s ambition? “To continue giving a good service at Ballymore - I hope!”


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