• Lisa Fogarty

Lisa Fogarty

Lisa Fogarty is head of sales and marketing for Ballymore Ireland and is working on Dublin Landings, a new quarter she believes sums up the spirit of the city she loves. How did you come to work for Ballymore? I was working as a new homes agent and Ballymore were my client. They always stood out in terms of design and quality and their attention to detail in the product they produced. When the opportunity arose to join their team I was delighted to be part of the company, working in an environment where they do things differently. How would you describe yourself? I’m a very energetic person who loves work. It’s such a big part of your life and the only way you can love work is to love what you do. What’s the best thing about living and working in Dublin? The dynamic of the city is incredible. Practically all of the biggest tech and pharma companies in the world who have their European HQs in Ireland are here for a reason beyond the low tax rate, and that’s because we have a highly educated work force who help them deliver world class results. It also has a really great vibe, with a lot of art and culture. If you live in the city you are only 20 minutes away from the most incredible scenery, with the coastline and the mountains, it really is unparalleled. It’s also very much an outdoor lifestyle, which I love. How is Dublin changing? The economy has picked up again and Irish people are starting to come home and plenty of other people are moving here for work. I think Dublin Landings represents everything that is great in the city, including the growth, and also that warm welcome. The name itself comes from the maritime history and is a word for arrival, and that shapes the city as to how we know it. I believe people who make Dublin Landings their home will feel that absolute sense of arrival. What keeps you awake at night? It’s a very busy job and you need to be organised. I do wake up making mental lists so I keep a notebook by the bed! How do you relax? I like going to the local gym with a friend and I live very close to the beach so I go running there and walking with my two children. Spending time with them grounds me. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt in life? Listen to your instincts and always remember you are responsible for yourself and your life. My mum always taught me to be the leader and never be led by others and I carry that with me always. What about the future? It will be something like this, with projects like Dublin Landings. To be part of this transformation of the Dublin skyline and the way people will live and work here is fantastic.


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