• “I’ve been told I never drop the ball”

“I’ve been told I never drop the ball”

How did you come to work for Ballymore? After I graduated I just got on a train and came to London. I was carrying everything, including my duvet. I didn’t have a job, or an apartment. Looking back, it was quite an experience. But we were very lucky. We found an apartment and my university professor told me about the internship, which went really well, and I was offered a job. How would you describe yourself? I’m a positive, bubbly person and very supportive. I’m proactive and a problem solver. I’ve been told that I never drop the ball. What does a sales and marketing analyst do? If we’ve spent money on a marketing campaign, we need to know what the return on it is, how many leads and how many sales were generated, so I monitor that. I produce market research showing the key trends and keep my eye on what our competitors are doing. I also manage all aspects of the Salesforce CRM database. What do you enjoy the most about your job? I like the fast pace, the fact that there’s a lot of variety. It can be stressful when there’s a lot going on, but you feel so good when you manage to pull it together. Most of all I enjoy being part of the team. We communicate well and are very supportive of each other. I organised a trip to see a play last year and we went to China Town afterwards. In July we are going again to see Matilda. What do you do to relax? I go swimming. I learnt to swim last year, which was an accomplishment because I was afraid of water. A colleague really helped me, not the teacher, because she came with me three times and it worked - I needed someone there who I really trusted. How does living in the UK compare to China? I really like the lifestyle here, there’s always something to do and people don’t judge you. I also feel more mature here, because I can be myself and make my own decisions. I miss the food in China, especially my hometown food, which is famous for being spicy. No matter how spicy it is here, it’s different. What are you most proud of? The research I did during my internship on understanding the Chinese buyer, and questionnaires I’ve developed to help us build up a picture of previous buyers. Also, there’s probably not anyone more knowledgeable about the Salesforce CRM system, which I have been involved with since the beginning. What about the future? I would like to go into a management role, to take more responsibility and be more involved in decision-making.


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