• Constructing careers for the next generation

    Ahmed Hussein, a design apprentice working as part of the Ballymore team at Wardian

  • Constructing careers for the next generation

    Students at a local school learning about DEC! courses


Constructing careers for the next generation

As National Apprenticeship Week puts the spotlight on training, Ballymore has become one of the first developers in Tower Hamlets to join the partnership of London Legacy Development Corporation and Class of Your Own, to assist with the delivery of Design, Engineer, Construct!, a learning programme helping to instil an understanding of built environment career prospects in secondary school children.

Ballymore is an avid investor in people, with a track record for investing in its existing team and crucially, investing in future talent.

With initiatives including a Higher Apprenticeship programme targeting under-represented communities within the construction industry – namely BMEs and women, Ballymore also supports the General Training Academy. Set up by Tower Hamlets brokerage WorkPath, it helps local residents undertake required training and accreditation to gain meaningful employment

But this month, the company is celebrating its fruitful relationship with the Design, Engineer, Construct! learning programme (DEC!) which works with schools to promote the skills needed for careers in the built environment.

The first developer to be a part of the programme in Tower Hamlets, Ballymore’s involvement is already making an impact: “Ballymore understands the industry’s need to attract more people into this sector,” says Class of Your Own’s Matt Simmons – who is delivering the organisation’s curriculum and partnerships. “We’re dedicated to helping people find careers which are meaningful – roles they actually want to fulfil – it’s something we couldn’t do without the likes of Ballymore and their support.”

DEC! works through collaboration, partnering with the London Legacy Development Corporation, schools and businesses. Matt and his team have a remit improve the delivery of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and built environment education in four boroughs surrounding Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. “We’re already working with around 200 students,” he added.

“With Ballymore, eight schools and a few other businesses, we are collaborating to fly the flag for careers in the built environment – with a focus on instilling the career paths and benefits into young people from an early age.”

“The beauty of the process means that these young people are almost ‘pre-approved’ before they undertake the apprenticeships.” Ballymore has taken several DEC! gradates on work experience programmes, and have plans in place to put them on to apprenticeship programmes.

Matt continued: “Thanks to developers like Ballymore, our graduates gain so much exposure to the sector that they’re in a great position to make an informed decision about which discipline to pursue as a career. They don’t want to just work in property; they understand the intricacies of becoming a surveyor or an architect.”

Added John Turner, Town Planning Director at Ballymore: “We are thrilled to have nurtured a fruitful relationship with DEC. It’s not just about financial support, we’re very much embedded in the programme, giving talks and workshops to local schools and getting involved in the classroom – not to mention the prospect of taking on more apprentices in the future.

“We look forward to enhancing our involvement with DEC! and future, local talent for a long time to come.”


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