• “Bray is such a charming place”

“Bray is such a charming place”

We asked local Dublin artist and creator, Homebound, to design two bespoke pieces of art for our contemporary new homes at Sea Gardens in Bray. Here he tells us how he went about capturing the nostalgia and charm of this beautiful seaside location, and how his childhood connection to Bray led the way. 

“Bray is such a charming place”

One of Homebound's creations; a picture now on display in the Sea Gardens' show home

“Bray evokes the feeling of going back to more innocent times” 

I’ve always loved Bray, it’s played an important part in my family over the years, so it was a real honour to be asked to do the thing I love the most - create art, for such a well-respected company such as Ballymore in this place which holds such sentiment for me. My family and I are based in Dublin, but I fondly remember my mam telling me how her family used to make the long trek over to Bray for their holidays back in the 60’s - it’s a full circle moment to be there in a professional capacity now! 

Bray is such a charming place, I remember as a child gravitating towards the little huts on the Promenade and finding them an enchanting part of the landscape  - it was a natural focus for these commissions, as they just represent everything I love about the place. It’s the small details around Bray that really draws me to it - the railings, the atmosphere - it’s these elements that evoke the feeling of going back to more innocent and less demanding times, reminiscent of my childhood. I prefer to stick to a simple style in my work, with an emphasis on adding interesting flourishes to draw the viewer in, whilst working with a subtle colour pallet. This worked perfectly for these pieces, the simplicity of the designs feels in alignment with the nostalgia Bray ignites in me. 

I've been painting and drawing since a very young age, it’s always been the way I like to express myself, so doing it as a job is living the dream. I was producing large abstract canvases earlier in my career which led to being featured in a few solo and group exhibitions around Dublin and London over the years. My work has evolved considerably since then with a focus on digital artworks now rather than paintings using oils. I create a vast mix of work as my interests lie anywhere between music, literature, the history of Dublin and beyond - whatever inspires me at the time!  

‘A perfect partnership’ 

I was delighted when Ballymore asked me to represent them with my work, anything that helps to bring my work to a wider audience is much appreciated. They were very gracious with their request as well, giving me free rein to create an artwork that compliments the Bray landscape whilst leaving the rest to me - no better request for a creative! I didn’t feel limited or tied down to doing anything specific, I could just encapsulate what Bray meant to me with integrity, in pieces I hope others will love too. 

It was a privilege to be chosen to create these pieces for Ballymore, I’m incredibly grateful for the support they’ve shown me in my career, enabling me to make a life out of doing what I love. There’s nothing more rewarding than that, long may it continue!

You can buy Homebound Prints online and in store at Jam Art Factory - two independent shops in Dublin. 


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