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Lead Gardener

The Ballymore portfolio comprises a number of high value, highly complex and challenging resorts. Ballymore sees the service delivery as a key method of differentiating the company from competitors and a USP. To create and preserve an environment where residents, visitors and property are safe and well protected and deliver a “world class” operation People make companies and we want all of us at Ballymore to be the most highly motivated, most positively engaged and work together in supportive teams and keep progressing to provide the very best service and facilities


Key responsibilities

To safely and competently maintain and enhance grounds of the development.

You’ll need the ability to communicate with team members and customers, planning and organisational skills, passion for planting, the nurturing of plants and an understanding of seasonal activities.

To develop and implement plans to improve and enhance estate areas ensuring correct placement and species of planting, movement and treatment of planting, design and preventative maintenance.

To ensure compliance with the Ballymore Health and Safety Policy for managed estates. To understand the relevant legislation.

To provide a secure and safe environment for the residents, commercial tenants and staff.

To support the Manager of Housekeeping and Grounds in delivering objectives.

Main Duties

Day to day responsibility for ensuring the standard of landscaping throughout the extensive grounds of Embassy Gardens Estate.

Adhere to SOP’s, SLA’s and KPI’s set by the management team and develop improvement plans for consideration and implementation.

Tasks include but are not limited to;

Maintenance of all planted beds, borders, podium gardens, verges, banks, pots, troughs, ponds, trees (where appropriate).

To cut, prune, thin or otherwise maintain planting to ensure health and longevity of planting and maximise aesthetic appearance, encouraging wildlife where possible.

To maintain all borders so as clearly defined with neat edging to ensure definition.

To fill gaps or voids with planting from around the development or draft proposals to fill any voids with new planting, to be agreed by Housekeeping & Grounds Manager.

To select and install planting from local suppliers having sought budget approval from Housekeeping and Grounds Manager.

To liaise, where appropriate, with FM engineers or sub-contractors on irrigations issues or improvements.

To seed and feed planting as appropriate and manage weed growth on all areas of the estate including any pathways, paving, living roof gardens.

To maintain and enhance, where possible, living roofs encouraging wildlife.

To sweep or otherwise tidy paths and borders and where gravel, mulch or other encroaches other areas.

To safely use appropriate chemicals to kill invasive weeds, manage moss growth or to support the growth of planting.

Where there are lawns, to maintain and enhance appearance with the appropriate use of chemicals, equipment and deliver straight line finish.

To remove any litter, debris or discarded items from the grounds, recycling where possible.

To clear leaves and dispose of all cuttings in the appropriate manner as set out by the Local Authority.

To turn the soil, where appropriate (mindful of irrigation) and enhance areas by use of gravel, mulch or other.

To meet with local stakeholders such as the grounds team at the US Embassy, to deliver on a wider area strategy, collaborate and share experience, knowledge, ideas.

To meticulously showcase the Ballymore brand.


To oversee any apprentice, part-time or work experience persons who may be appointed to assist with groundskeeper duties.

Ensure any staff perform in line with their job specifications and that standard operating procedure are adhered to. Ultimate line management responsibility will sit with the Housekeeping and Grounds Manager.

Customer Relations

Engage with our customers inviting their feedback or suggestions for follow up and action with the support of Housekeeping and Grounds Manager.

Liaise with any Residents Association or subcommittee, follow up actions and discuss future works with the support of Housekeeping and Grounds Manager.

Health and Safety

Be fully familiar with the Corporate H&S policy and relevant legal procedures, liaise with the FM to review and minimise risk.

Comply with all relevant legislation including but not limited to COSHH.

Carry out a risk assessment before completion of required tasks and safe use of machinery and equipment provided.

Adhere to SOP’s and update them as necessary working with Housekeeping and grounds manager in accordance with legislation/best practice.

Use PPE where appropriate when carrying out hazardous activities.

This is not intended to be a complete list of every duty and it is expected that the day to day performance of the job will include tasks not defined herein.

This is a live document and will evolve with the needs of the business.

  • Contact: Cameron Shirley