We create places, districts, even communities.

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Our offices in London and Dublin are filled with people whose passion – for placemaking, architecture, and the power of the built environment to transform lives – is matched only by their skill and experience. Our large, friendly team offers a rare breadth of expertise in a range of specialisms, and we believe having this expertise in-house is the only way to ensure our vision is delivered exactly as we intended.

“We are proud to employ only the best”

Dedicated departments for planning, construction, development, finance and sales and marketing create a formidable context to allow a project to take root and evolve. Great design is one of our foremost priorities: from planning and construction right through to sales and marketing, our in-house design teams works alongside specialist designers from a wealth of disciplines in order to ensure that each development finds its own compelling identity. Even after a development is launched, our estate management department works to maintain the high standards of day-to-day life that our customers expect.

We are proud to employ only the best, and to offer our staff a supportive environment in which to see their careers flourish.

For further information on career opportunities please contact our Head of Customer Experience Juliet Self JSelf@ballymoregroup.com