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Ballymore - Home

Ballymore owes its success to the people who work for us. We provide a stimulating working environment in which ideas are valued, intuitive thinking is encouraged and critical faculties are sharpened. People who like questioning the norms find a natural home here.

Above all, we like people who thrive on getting things done. Ballymore has earned something of a reputation for making things happen, for always asking “why not?” and for cheerful optimism in the face of the occasional reverse that inevitably occurs. These are distinct qualities that Sean Mulryan has fostered from the beginning.

But the business of property development also calls for great sensitivity at times; emotions often run high in local communities, politics both national and local can prove highly complex and new architecture attracts impassioned interest from near and far. To lead a development process successfully through challenging issues calls for a particular set of talents. And at Ballymore, we’re lucky to have plenty of people who possess them: people who can and people who do.

"On the legal side, I have to focus on the detail. It's quite exciting - we are involved in all deals and we get to understand the whole business as a result.”

Alex Turner