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Ballymore - Home

We place a great deal of emphasis on design. It stems from our firm belief that understanding the way people experience life in our buildings, whether they’re working, living or relaxing in them, is a key part of the development process.

To that end, we set up an informal Design Cube, housed in a floating glass cube, as a place for various design disciplines to meet and explore the complex psychology and emotions at play behind every aspect of daily life in a designed and built environment.

The Design Cube is there to interrogate lifestyle changes and trends, and provides us with critical insights into the implications of these changes. It’s a further illustration of our commitment to fulfilling people’s future living aspirations and is already influencing everything we do.

Architecture, Interior Design, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Communications, Computers, Conservation, Energy, Entertainment, Fashion, Garden, Household, Kitchens, Leisure, Life Sciences, Lighting, Living Spaces, Offices, Sport, Sustainability, Tableware, Technology and Work

"People’s homes are their sanctuary and the homes we create are places where everything works and functions in a seamless and considered way. Our homes are an extension of people’s lifestyles. We understand changing needs through latest technology, material and product advances and incorporate these into our designs, to make life that little bit easier.”